Monster Hunter: World Ancient Forest Hunt Gameplay

By Ashley Woodcock, 10 months ago
The new gameplay video released for Capcom's upcoming Monster Hunter: World, gives us an in-depth look at one of the quests that will be available once the game releases. A giant new monster known as Anjanath, is lurking in the wonderful, lush and very leafy environment of the Ancient Forest. It's the hunter's job to head to the Ancient Forest and slay this beast.

concept art

As the video goes on, you'll see the Great Jagras, a beast that can swallow its prey whole and a series favorite for Monster Hunter fans, Rathalos. The hunter will need to utilize survival tools, set traps, and even set up monsters to fight each other. Slaying the Anjanath will not be an easy task but being able to choose a weapon from the 14 different weapon classes should help a little bit. Let's see what weapon the hunter uses in his quest and how he got on in the following video:

Monster Hunter: World is scheduled for an Early 2018 release.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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