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By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
Developer Uppercut has a new adventure in store for us with the announcement of City of Brass, a first-person rogue-lite title with an Arabian Nights theme. The accursed City of Brass is a dangerous but rewarding place of legend buried deep underneath the sand. Mischievous spirits and deadly traps can be found infesting the dangerous city but those brave enough to take on the shifting streets can come out of the other side with wealth beyond their wildest dreams.


You will be this brave soul and will take on the role of a cunning thief. With your trusty blade and whip, you will disarm, trip or stun enemies, swing across dangerous platforms, grab onto objects, and burst through barricades, as you battle to reach the hidden treasure within the city's heart. All sorts of traps will make your task much tougher as you slide under sharp blades, evade spears and arrows, maneuver over or around sprung paving slabs, and somehow make your way past poison gas traps. Tactical approaches will also pay off as you can manipulate these dangers to your advantage and use them against nearby enemies instead.

The city itself will constantly change but the systems will not. This gives you the chance to learn how the different systems will work and master them to help you survive and move easily and efficiently through each level. With high levels of replayability, you will need to balance your thirst for treasure with the need to get the hell out of an area within the set time limit.

Ed Orman, lead designer of the title provides more insight on the upcoming game:

Developing a game with multiple, interacting systems that players can freely combine feels like a return to our roots, drawing on our experiences working on BioShock and many of our other favorites. Players must learn how to use the traps to kill their foes, and even turn enemies against each another. You’ll perish in the City of Brass – often, and quite horribly – but as your skills improve and you discover new ways to cheat death, you’ll return to fight another day.
Here's a full list of the game's features:

  • Collect treasure to increase your score, plunder chests for weapon and armor upgrades or powerful relics – but make it to the exit in time or face death by dervish…
  • Incarcerated within the city, and most are friendly… Some will barter gear, upgrades, secrets, unlocks or protections in return for loot. Use one of three wishes to unlock a powerful benefit, or for a king’s ransom, buy a genie’s freedom in return for help in the final battle.
  • When your sword just isn’t enough, get creative: smash your enemies with explosive vases, blind them with a brick to the face, or force them into traps.
  • The city is filled with wretched spirits of all flavors, all with unique behaviors, all with the singular character defect that they want to kill you.
  • The algorithms that create each level are tweaked to generate a logically laid out cityscape of interconnected chambers, courtyards, and corridors.
  • The rhythmic interplay of blade and lash has been carefully tuned along with sprinting, crouching, sliding, leaping and vaulting to give a fluid, balanced and natural feel to the movement and melee.
  • For the ultimate test, experienced players can encumber themselves with Divine Burdens, global modifiers that change enemy abilities, spawn behaviors or multiple environmental hazards.
  • No two playthroughs are ever the same: play, die, and play again, each time using what you’ve learned to get further. Are you tenacious enough to reach the heart of the City of Brass?
The batch of screens released with the announcement showcase enemies, environments, the sword, the whip, and a genie too:

In the first of the two new videos, we get to see what it is exactly that's buried underneath the sand:

Lastly, we can check out a small dose of the gameplay:

City of Brass will be heading to the Xbox One in 2018.

We've got the full list of City of Brass achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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