ROGUE TROOPER REDUX Releases Trailer with Developer Commentary

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
We’re in a day and age where remasters are all the craze. Chances are if you love a popular title (with some success), a remaster will most likely see the light of the day. This shines through as Rebellion Games gives the old remastered treatment for ROGUE TROOPER REDUX.


Players can now re-dive into Nu-Earth and relive this third person shooter. In this video, one of the developers for the original Rouge Trooper gives us his input with commentary to go along with the gameplay. If you’re interested, I highly recommend checking out the trailer below.

Rogue Trooper Redux is estimated to release this year.

We've got the full list of Rogue Trooper Redux achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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