Warframe To Get New Open World Expansion - Plains of Eidolon

By Stephanie Caldwell, 1 year ago
Warframe is a popular free-to-play game that continues to shine. The game has had many updates and expansions over time, which has always added excitement back into the game. If you're a fan of Warframe, prepare to get excited as a new expansion is arriving soon and is set to be one of their most ambitious updates to the game. Some pictures of the new expansion been released — they can be seen below.

The "Plains of Eidolon" expansion will bring a new open zone for players to explore. The players will be met with big and detailed landscapes, they will meet new and familiar enemies and creatures, and explore the city of Cetus in a day/night cycle. This new expansion will take place on our home, planet Earth, and will contain a gripping story with NPC characters from the city of Cetus. "Plains of Eidolon" will also have a new Warframe, new weapons and will allow players to use Archwing. Here is more information on the key features the expansion will have:

Landscapes (Open Zones)
Until now, Warframe missions have taken place in relatively closed environments. With the Plains of the Eidolon expansion, players will set foot in a vast natural landscape free to explore on their own terms.

Meet the Inhabitants of Cetus
Never before have Tenno encountered the faceless people whose lives they have saved, until now. Meet the Ostrons, a makeshift group of scavengers whose culture revolves around the grotesque harvesting of biomechanical tissue from long dormant Orokin Towers.

Different Kind of Mission
In addition to discovering and exploring, players will engage in an assortment of missions to find and assemble new Warframes and weapons, items and more. Expect to strap on Archwing for air travel and battle, and experiment with customizing and modding a Warframe like never before.

Discover and Explore
Plains of the Eidolon offers a sense of discovery, variety, and mystery that mixes several different environments and tones to create a deep sense of place. Experience a bristling new world in where the wind rustles across your Syandana and the age and size of giant Orokin structures ominously looms in the background. Earth will be more alive than ever before.

The first video below is a teaser for The Sacrifice, which is a new quest that will bring a new Warframe called Excalibur Umbra.

The second video is footage of gameplay from the expansion.

Below is footage of the expansion shown at this year's TennoCon - an event for fans of Warframe.

As for the expansion, no official release date has been announced but it's been stated that it will be released later this year.

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