Leaderboards Added to Upcoming Platformer Rad Rodgers

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
Sometimes games can be lacking in terms of difficulty. Skilled players master nearly every frame to ensure victory and need to showcase this. This is where leaderboards serve their purpose as gamers can proudly boast their best scores. Developer Slipgate Studios follows suit as they add leaderboards for their upcoming title, Rad Rodgers.

Rad Rodgers

Slipgate has been hard at work testing and applying leaderboards to the game. At the end of each level, players are given a score based off multiple factors — enemies killed, gems and secret areas found are just a few. The total duration to complete the level can work as a bonus or penalty depending on speed. Higher difficulties will bring multipliers to the overall score. Gamers will have the freedom to check their scores and the leaderboard in the Overworld hub.

Rad Rodgers

Be on the lookout for more news on this upcoming platformer coming to consoles.

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Will Cruz
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