Super Meat Boy Patch Finally Released

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Team Meat announced a patch for Super Meat Boy several months ago. This patch included fixes for "all known bugs" in the game, including the auto-save glitch that some players were encountering. The glitch was usually triggered by collecting the same band-aid more than once in a level, so players had been advised to try and avoid doing this until the patch was released. The patch also included 20 new levels for "Teh Internets", and a new music track.

The patch was supposed to be ready at the start of November 2010. Unfortunately, the infamous certification process at Microsoft lived up to its reputation, and the patch had to be resubmitted with further fixes before Microsoft were happy. Nearly three months later, almost as long as it seems to take to finish some of the harder SMB levels, the patch has finally gone live, and will automatically trigger when the game is booted up.

The developer has also promised that they can "upload new levels soon!". Team Meat's Edmund McMillen told Joystiq that a pack remixing the best bits of Super Meat Boy is currently in development, but that they "want to space level updates out a bit".

There are other developers currently working on new levels for the game too, including Indie developer Gaijin Games, who is building a level pack for Commander Video. Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly, creator of I Wanna Be The Guy, is also making some "Kid-unfriendly" levels.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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