Rock Band 3 Title Update Released

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Harmonix has released a patch for Rock Band 3, and it covers a long list of game fixes and additions:

• For users experiencing trouble deploying Vocal Overdrive in certain audio setups, OD can now be deployed using the Back button on the controller. NOTE: this only works while in a valid Overdrive deploy section.
• Overdrive can now be deployed using a Pedal with both the Mustang Pro Guitar and the Keyboard peripherals.
• Scoring is disabled after a song has been paused multiple times (this prevent players from artificially inflating scores using the pause function).
• The translucency of the track surface has been adjusted to make note gems are easier to see against the venue backgrounds.
• Based on fan feedback, limited functionality for the Stage kit has been added to Rock Band 3. Please note that this 3rd-party peripheral is no longer officially supported, so we cannot guarantee full functionality with every file format (RB3, Pro-DLC), but basic functions should be reenabled.

• Audio no longer distorts for remote players when whammying sustains in an online session.
• To prevent blank tracks from appearing in online multiplayer, all members in an online multiplayer band must own the Pro upgrades to play a song with DLC pro upgrades.

• Pro Guitar songs now sort themselves into the correct difficulty tiers.
• Pro upgrade availability will now be more accurately reflected in the Music Store.
• The following songs are now correctly appearing in the Music Library.
--- Anvil - 666
--- Anvil - Metal on Metal
--- Anvil - This is Thirteen
--- Dinosaur Jr - Pick Me Up
--- Dinosaur Jr - The Wagon
--- Guess Who, The - Hand Me Down World
--- Guess Who, The - No Time
--- Tenacious D - Rock Your Socks
--- Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife

• An issue that prevented holding sustain notes on keys in the trainers has been addressed
• Breakneck Speed now works in Practice Mode.

• Fixed a Character Creator crash related to a particular eyebrow asset or the generation of a random character.
• Fixed assorted minor crashes, as well as minor scoring and text bugs.
One extra addition of note is the introduction of RBN 2.0. For those of you who have never heard of RBN (Rock Band Network), the service allows artists and record labels to chart their own music as playable tracks in the Rock Band games. This has expanded the music library for these games at a much greater rate than Harmonix could ever have managed on their own, as well as increasing publicity for bands that many people will previously never have known existed. RBN 2.0 now allows artists to add charts for Pro Drums, Keys, Pro Keys and Vocal Harmonies, as well as other enhancements.

A notable omission is Pro Guitar. Harmonix have decided not to include Pro Guitar support for now due to the sheer amount of work needed to implement the feature, the amount of time that would be needed to chart Pro Guitar, and the currently limited amount of users available to test the tracks. The developer has said that the decision will be reviewed in six to twelve months time if its implementation becomes a viable option.

The RBN 1.0 will now have been shut down. Unfortunately, all new tracks that are created using RBN 2.0 will only be available to browse and purchase through Rock Band 3. However, the tracks that had been created using the RBN 1.0 will still be available for browsing and purchase through Rock Band 2 .
Credit for this story goes to Chakaal Starr
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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