DeadCore Achievement List Revealed

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The announcement of Grip Digital's DeadCore came with details, screens, and a brief look at the gameplay where the player was climbing up a mysterious tower at dizzying heights. The SwitchGun will be your best friend as you try to progress and will activate and deactivate different Tower elements that will allow you to run, jump and climb your way to success.


There's no doubt here that the achievements are going to require a fair amount of skill, planning, and finesse to unlock. One wrong move and you will fall a very long way to your inevitable doom. We already know that every level will come with two main paths and a number of secret passages. New items and abilities will also be in the mix as well as collectables, speedrun style levels, and online leaderboards, so there could be achievements tied into these factors as well. Let's take a look at the newly revealed achievement list and see what Grip Digital has in store for us:

There are 29 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Maestro Create your own playlist in Speedrun mode. 30
Free Hugs Get knocked back 5 times consecutively by a Trooper without respawning. 30
The Summit Complete Story mode. 40
Digital BBQ Get disintegrated by a laser 500 times. 40
Hat Trick Activate and use 3 Jumpers in a row without touching the ground. 30
Eco-Friendly Deactivate a Helix from a distance of 200 meters. 30
Freefall Perform a fall of 500 meters. 30
Blind Fool Deactivate all Mosquitoes in a squadron except the Leader. 30
Flash G. Perform 2500 Dashes! 40
Enter the Arena Complete a Spark in Speedrun mode. 30
Pros don’t use them Complete a level without dying or performing a quick respawn. 30
The Machines’ Friend Complete a level without deactivating any enemy. 30
Acrobat Perform a Double-jump and 5 Dashes without hitting the ground. 30
Queen Bee Get stung 100 times by a Mosquito. 40
Code 47 Deactivate 47 Troopers without being spotted. 40
Can’t Touch This! Complete a level without being hit by an enemy. 30
Light Trail Beat the developers’ time on a Spark in Speedrun mode. 30
Bullseye! Obtain 100% precision on a map. 30
Cartographer Find every Spark. 30
3 Hits Combo Chain a Double-jump + a Dash + a Blast on a switch. 30
5 Bros Find all the developers’ Logs. 30
Inner Power Find all the Power-Ups 30
Music-loving Find all the tracks 30
Archivist Find all the logs 30
Breaking the Deadlock Unlock the game’s true ending. 50
Phileas’s Disciple Complete all maps in Speedrun mode 50
Faster Than Light Complete a full Cycle within an hour. 50
Owner of the Light Beat the developers’ time on every Speedrun mode map. 50
Suicide Alley Studying your environment can save your life… if you’re lucky! 30
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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