Hitman July Update Details Released

By Andrew Ogley, 1 year ago
The development team behind the hugely popular HITMAN title has revealed details of the changes that are coming to the title in the July update. These are changes to the combat in the game, performance improvement for Xbox One loading times, various tweaks and fixes and the final elusive target contract. With this update hot from the press, the team has also announced that they will start working on the challenges for next month.

July 2017

Before jumping into the update and the game fixes, it is worth pointing out that the final elusive target contract is going live today with the details already revealed a few days ago.

First of all, there is a very specific fix for the Xbox One loading times where the game was taking longer to load than usual, especially when restarting a contract. This has been resolved and the loading times should be back to normal.

Additionally, as always there is a comprehensive list of changes and tweaks to the game, including changes that affect combat throughout the game, such as rate of fire, aim-snapping, and health regeneration. The team has released the details along with the reasoning behind the tweaks. Quoting directly from IO Interactive, these are the complete July Update Release Notes.

Combat Changes
We've made some changes to combat across the game. The intended result of these changes is to make combat more satisfying and viable for all players.

Specifically, we have reduced the fire rate of NPC pistols, slightly increased how quickly 47 can 'snap' to the target NPC when 'aim assist' is toggled on, reduced the damage that 47 takes at mid to long distances and increased the speed that 47's health regenerates. We are continuing to monitor and adjust these values based on our own impressions and we're looking forward to feedback from our players when these changes go live. Please note that Professional Difficulty is not affected by these changes and still offers the 'Lethal Combat' that was promised.

Backstory: With an earlier update on June 23rd, the first iteration of our internal combat changes was unintentionally released. That first iteration simply reduced the damage output of NPC weapons and resulted in what some of our community have lovingly described as 'Tank 47'. The changes that we mention above (and will introduce with 1.12.1) are based on the combat values before the June 23rd update. This is important to mention because we want to be clear that we haven't made 47 more of a tank. Instead, we've looked at the combat experience that we've had in the game since launch and made the above changes to the long-standing values.

Professional Difficulty
We've changed the unlock criteria for Professional Difficulty from Mastery level 20 to Mastery level 5. All players that currently have Mastery level 5-19 on each location will automatically unlock Professional Difficulty after updating their game to 1.12.1 (July Update). There are no changes to Professional Difficulty other than the unlock criteria.

Excuse me, I found a weapon
We've fixed an issue that could cause guards to repeatedly drop weapons that they discovered on the ground. This issue was prominent on The Icon mission.

Bathroom Break
We've fixed an issue that could cause the toilet in the Marrakesh school to behave erratically after 47 kicks it onto Zaydan. This could occasionally result in 47's death. Seriously.

Cancelling Connecting
We've fixed an issue that could cause players to inadvertently cancel the 'connecting' prompt and enter 'Offline Mode'.

Opportunity Lost After Loading
We've fixed an issue that could cause the Opportunity Marker (the little light bulb) to disappear after a save/load cycle.

Trespassing vs Hostile Area
We've implemented a fix for a Known Issue from our June Update. The 'Trespassing' and 'Hostile Area' status messages on the mini-map now display correctly.

Maximum Mastery
We heard that some players have had issues unlocking the trophies/achievements associated with reaching Mastery level 20 in various locations. We've implemented a change so that the game will re-check whether you have reached level 20 when you launch the game and award the appropriate trophies/achievements.

Unconscious Witness
We've also implemented a fix for the other Known Issue from our June Update. The 'Unconscious Witness' status on the mini-map is know displayed correctly.

Miscellaneous Fixes
We've fixed other minor issues across the board to keep the game in fantastic shape.
As of the time of writing, the new Escalation Contract and 15 Featured Contracts have already been released and are playable in-game today. As promised, the Final Elusive Target will be available in-game on July 14th. Looking further ahead, IO Interactive has promised that the August Content Schedule should be set and ready for all-new challenges for the first week in August.

HITMAN's July update should now be live on the Xbox One for players across all time zones.

We've got the full list of HITMAN achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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