Gears of War 4's Competitive 2.0 Beta Live With Double XP

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Since Gears of War 4's launch last October, developer The Coalition has been trying to capture the right feel. Whether it be the damage spread of the Gnasher shotgun or the way movement works, things have felt off since the beginning.

Attempting to take aim at these issues, The Coalition recently flew a group of professional players out to their studio. Discussions were had, suggestions were made, and voila — you get the Competitive 2.0 Beta Playlist, an unranked game mode where players can test out the changes and provide feedback. The goal of the adjustments is to "enable more diverse play styles and create a better teamfight competitive experience." But the developers aren't going to tell you exactly what has changed so you can't judge based how the numbers look on paper; they're asking for feedback from players on "how it feels." However, they will say this:

The Gnasher's damage will have a slower falloff, allowing players who place their shots well to two-shot down an enemy who might be charging towards them for those critical one-shots or escaping while weak. To compensate, the Wallbounce delay has also been changed to enable players to have more movement options at their disposal when dealing with a slightly more punishing shotgun.
Gears of War 4

While it's called a "Playlist," it's really just Escalation on various maps:

  • Unranked Playlist
  • Double XP (Limited Time)
  • Modes: Escalation
  • Maps: Dam, Diner, Foundation, Harbor, Impact, Lift, Reclaimed
The playlist is live now. Players can also earn double XP in the Competitive 2.0 Beta Playlist for a "limited time," though no end date was given. The Coalition's ambition for the playlist is to "incrementally add more tuning changes as the test progresses," so what you experience today might not be the same as down the road.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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