Portal Knights' First Major Content Update Coming Soon

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
Developer Keen Games announced from the get-go that they would continue to update sandbox title Portal Knights post-launch. The first major update is nearly here, bringing new content, fixes and more.

Portal Knights

The major features being added include the Kolemis Temple Trials Event, new armor variants and more. However, these aren't the full patch notes — the developers promise the update "also includes general fixes and improvements for both single-player and multiplayer modes."

  • Kolemis Temple Trials Event, which includes three quests: Trial of Strength, Trial of Delving and Trial of Agility
  • Unlock a new Mediterranean themed island for completing the 3 trials
  • Visit the new merchant building complex with three NPC Merchants
  • Recipes for nine new sets of Armor
  • Three new Dog pet variants
  • Dungeon variety improvements
  • Option to toggle the split screen direction
  • And more!
The update is live for Portal Knights on PC and is coming soon to the console versions.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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