New Character, Map and Cinematic Trailer Teased for Paladins

By Kelly Packard, 11 months ago
At this week's DreamHack Valencia event, Paladins: Champions of the Realm took center stage with the Paladins Summer Premier tournament. Developer Hi-Rez Studios took the opportunity to reveal upcoming content for the FPS that is currently in open beta.


Even though the newest champion Lian was just added, Hi-Rez was not shy to talk about the next character in the pipeline. There's a quick 20-second teaser for Jenos The Ascended. We won't know more about the new kid on the block — who is being added to the Support class — until the patch notes preview on July 21st at 4 p.m. EDT.

There's also a brief video showing off the next map to be added, entitled Splitstone Quarry. According to Hi-Rez, players will "venture into the depths and explore some all new terrain." The new location is coming in patch OB55.

Lastly, a new cinematic trailer has been released for Paladins. Called "No One Escapes the Law," a nod to Lex's ultimate ability, it features five Flank class members duking it out (just like your public matches!). There doesn't appear to be an occasion for the fancy new trailer, but perhaps the FPS — which has been in open beta on consoles since May 3rd and PC since September 2016 — is nearing a final launch?

It's all destined for Paladins in the coming weeks.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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