Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Recaps Each of Its Entries

By Alex Jones, 11 months ago
The adventures of the Blue Bomber have always been one of Capcom's most popular series, but new entries have been somewhat quiet of late. Although we are still awaiting a new title, the recent announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 goes a long way to alleviating that. For those who may not be overly familiar with the series or its history, Capcom released four short recap videos that cover the titles that will be included in the collection.


Mega Man 7 was originally released on the Super Nintendo in 1995, changing up the formula followed by previous numbered entries in the franchise in terms of stage progression and the ability to buy items. It also marked the introduction of Bass and Treble, who attempt to stop the Blue Bomber from once again trying to bring Dr. Wily to justice.

Mega Man 8 followed about a year later, taking advantage of the 32-bit power of the original PlayStation and SEGA Saturn to include fully animated cut scenes. Although even Capcom admits they aren't exactly remembered for their high quality, the gameplay retained its core strengths.

The main series then went on hiatus for more than a decade until going back to its 8-bit roots for Mega Man 9. Taking particular inspiration from the first two entries in the franchise, Mega Man now lacked the ability to slide and charge his Mega Buster, but players also have the option of playing as Proto Man, who can do both, albeit at the cost of taking double damage and knockback.

Rounding off the collection is Mega Man 10, which continued the retro theme of its predecessor. Not only did Proto Man return as a playable character but so did Bass, who offered his own unique style of play.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is due for release on August 10th.

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