Third Spider-Man Confirmed for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

By Claudio Barata, 1 year ago
After almost one month without announcements regarding LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, TT Games has launched its first character reveal for the upcoming game, officially announcing the Spider-Man: Homecoming homemade suit. This will raise to three the number of Spider-Men available to play, with Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir already being confirmed in both the cover and the announcement trailer.

Although it's not confirmed if the Spiderman: Homecoming-inspired Peter Parker will just be a variation of an existing Spider-Man, the E3 interview that we reported last month had TT Games confirming that both Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man 2009 could be played together as completely separate characters, and they'd even interact.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 releases November 17th

Spider-Gwen will also join LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 when it launches on November 14th.

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Claudio Barata
Written by Claudio Barata
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