Agents of Mayhem Reveals Members of the Firing Squad

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
Publisher Deep Silver has been preparing gamers for their upcoming game Agents of Mayhem by introducing new characters. We’ve already gotten a taste of Lazarus, Yeti, and members of the Bombshells group. To keep the streak going, today we get a peek at members of the Firing Squad.

Agents of Mayhem

The latest trailer highlights three members of the Firing Squad — Oni, Kingpin and Scheherazade. Oni was deep in the world of organized crime but put that behind him to join MAYHEM. Kingpin was chosen because of his particular skill set. As for Scheherazade, not much is known about her aside from the fact that she’s a swift and deadly ninja. Check out these agents in action below.

Agents of Mayhem hits the streets on August 18th.

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Will Cruz
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