Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Chloe & Rachel Video

By Ethan Anderson, 1 year ago
As many of you may know, Ashly Burch will not be reprising her role as Chloe Price in Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. With that being the case, a new video was released that allows fans to hear from Chloe's new voice actress, Rhianna Devries. In the video, Devries gives her take on Chloe's character and how she feels when bringing the character to life.

Chloe & Rachel

Burch is still close to the project as a writing consultant, even though she won't be doing any voice acting. She also shares her thoughts on Chloe and her relationship with Rachel, alongside lead writer Zak Garriss in the video below.

Players can begin to go through Chloe and Rachel's experiences when the first episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm releases on August 31st.

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