DOOM's 6.66 Update Unlocks All DLC Content and Free Weekend

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
If you haven’t had the chance to play DOOM, don’t you worry because this weekend gamers will have a taste of all the bloody intense action. Starting July 20th at 9 am PDT, Xbox Live Gold members will have access to multiplayer as well as two campaign missions for free. Additionally, Arcade and Snapmaps mode will be available as a bonus. All progress and unlocks made via multiplayer will carry over for those who choose to purchase the title. The free weekend will last until the 24th at 9 pm PDT.


If that wasn’t enough, the latest 6.66 update gave fans a plethora of free content. Aside from various game fixes and kill notifications, update 6.66 also unlocks all DLC content. The season pass has been retired and delisted by Bethesda, which is why the DLC is available to all. The newly free DLC includes three multiplayer weapons, nine additional maps, three demons, and an armor set.

Update 6.66 will also feature a revised progression system as well as a new rune system. The progression system changes how players unlock guns and various equipment. Random distribution of unlocks have been swapped out for specific leveling requirements and various challenges. Gamers can now work for specific items that capture attention by working towards a goal. The progression system also resets all players’ multiplayer level back to 0. Veteran gamers will have the option to reset their unlock progression or retain unlockables previously earned or purchased. The new rune system replaces the dated hack module system. Instead, players earn runes that enhance player abilities. Runes can be persistently equipped, unlike the old hack module system.


If you're interested in the full patch notes, feel free to check them out below.

Update 6.66 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where textures appeared to glow on the player’s character.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where players would respawn frozen at the beginning of a Freeze Tag round.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where parts of the player model appeared transparent in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where players would disconnect from a match under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue in Infernal Run where picking up the ball when out of ammo would cause problems with passing or receiving the ball.
  • Fixed an issue with the Multiplayer Challenge “Aimbot Hax” where Reaper Longshots would not count towards challenge completion.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer with inconsistent power item spawns on Outbreak.

  • Added rotate on XYZ axis to the Grab Object manipulate controls
  • Added setting to remove network limitation on single player only maps.
  • Resolved various freeze and crash bugs.
  • Fixed various matchmaking and lobby issues.
  • Fixed visual bugs that result from combining specific HUD elements
  • Fixed various freezes and crashes with using Campaign Model.
  • Fixed coop crash with Bob and Rotate settings.
  • Fixed bug that caused AI to run into blocking volumes set to Block Demons and AI Sight.
  • Improved collision issues causing AI to partially fall into blocking volumes set to Block Demons.
The 6.66 update is live and the free weekend begins tomorrow.

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