The Latest Inside Look At XCOM 2'S DLC Shows The Templar

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
As the release date for XCOM 2's "War of the Chosen" expansion approaches, the team at Firaxis has been revealing plenty of information about it via a series of inside looks. After previous episodes have looked at the Reaper and Skirmisher factions, as well as the Warlock and Assassin aliens, there's now the reveal of another resistance faction, the Templars. It's not the first time Assassins and Templars have faced each other to be fair.


The Templar faction is focused on psionic abilities, providing the player with a variety of new weapons and powers to play with. These include psi-blades, which look somewhat reminiscent to the Energy Sword from Halo, and a volt ability that can shock multiple enemies. To see what these look like in action, check out this inside look.

The "War of the Chosen" DLC for XCOM 2 will launch on August 29th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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