The Golf Club 2 Patch Improves Tempo and Rebalances AI

By Roland Chansen,
The latest update to The Golf Club 2 features a variety of general improvements, including a reduced time delay when playing with friends or rivals in turn-based modes. Society and career stats and leaderboards will also update more frequently. Players will enjoy optimizations that improves load on game servers and improvements to importing save legacy courses from The Golf Club.

The Golf Club 2

For a full list of changes, refer to the complete list of patch notes below:

  • General optimizations to improve the load on the game servers.
  • Addressed the ability to import and save legacy courses from TGC1.
  • Memory improvements.
  • Addressed putting stutter some users were experiencing.
  • Society and Career stats updating with less delay from the server.
  • In-Game leaderboards updating with less delay from the server.
  • We have added the ability to donate to a society’s bank from your personal wallet.
  • We have added an active course filter to show all course with active rivals on them.
  • A setting has been added to turn off the ball label for ghosts and rivals.
  • Rebalanced AI for Career Mode.
  • Less time delay between turn based shots with rivals/friends.
  • Lighting adjustments
This update for The Golf Club 2 is live on Xbox One.

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Roland Chansen
Written by Roland Chansen
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