SMITE's Mid-Season Patch Arrives With Rewards System, Prestiges and More

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
SMITE players are probably too addicted to the game to have noticed, but it's already midway through Season 4 in the MOBA. The midway point is always when Hi-Rez releases one of the largest patches for the season, called the Mid-Season Patch. This year's brings a hefty dose of content — the Summer of SMITE has begun, levels now go higher than 30, you can unlock free items just for playing through the new rewards system and more.

First up, the Summer of SMITE has begun. As always, it's a time to see your favorite gods and goddesses in silly summer-themed skins. There are other new items to go along with the event like icons, pedestals and more. There are quests to go along with it, and even players who don't plan to spend any real money can complete quests to earn fantasy points, favor and even enigma chests. Right now players can check out the following items in-game, with more to be added in the coming patches:

  • SoS Aquarium Pedestal
  • Kaijunbo Kuzenbo
  • Foxy Lady Daji

First previewed during the Dreamhack tournament, the Mid-Season Patch also marks the start of Project Olympus, which is focused on bettering the game through quality of life updates and new features. The first thing you'll notice is the Wisdom section has been completely overhauled. What once used to be filled with outdated god guides now presents new tutorial videos to help newer players. It will be continued to update throughout the next several patches.

You may also have noticed you've now gone beyond level 30, the former level cap. Since players commit so much time to MOBAs and it only takes about 100 hours to reach level 30, it makes sense to offer a more long-term outlook to leveling. These new Prestige Levels go up to 160. Don't worry, there aren't any new Xbox achievements to go along with these new levels — yet — they're just for fun. According to Hi-Rez, roughly 100 players on PC have reached level 160, where SMITE has been out a lot longer than consoles, so it's a true time commitment to make it that far. The Prestige Levels have different borders and will show up on your profile.

  • Follower Prestige – Reach Level 31.
  • Acolyte Prestige – Reach Level 51.
  • Elder Prestige – Reach Level 71.
  • Ethereal Prestige – Reach Level 91.
  • Divine Prestige – Reach Level 111.
  • Immortal Prestige – Reach Level 131.
  • Godlike Prestige – Reach Level 151.
  • Ultimate Prestige – Reach Level 160.

To celebrate the new leveling system, the first Prestige Weekend is being hosted starting Friday. The event will provide double XP from Friday, July 28th at 5 a.m. EDT to Monday, July 31st at 5 a.m. EDT. Unfortunately it's only experience; worshipers and favor do not appear to be included like with the Double Everything events. Nonetheless, it should help players reach these new prestige levels, should they attempt to go for them.

Another new feature that was added with the patch was the new rewards system. The rewards system rewards players for what they do best — playing the game. Players are able to unlock four free chests per week simply from winning matches. They can also pay favor or gems to be able to open more chests per week. These new chests offered through the rewards system seem to include basically everything (save for Limited and Exclusive skins) judging by what players have been earning. Here's how the system works:

The Triumphant Chest system allows you to earn Chests by winning PvP games of SMITE. After a win, you will receive either a Winner’s, Champion’s, or Hero’s Chest – each containing increasingly rare items. You will begin with 4 open slots and once a Chest is received and opened, that slot will become locked until it resets on Tuesday. You can unlock a slot early through 2750 Favor or 75 Gems.

As you open more Chests, you will begin working towards unlocking a Godlike Chest. A Godlike Chest is earned after opening a combination of 20 Winner’s, Champion’s, and Hero’s Chests and will contain the rarest items including the new Exclusive Head Over Heels Cupid Skin.
To view the new skins, check out the full card arts below. Kaijunbo Kuzenbo and Foxy Lady Da Ji are 400 gems each in the Summer of SMITE, Ordo Aurora Freya is in The Void chest at 200 gems per roll, Head Over Heals Cupid can be obtained exclusively through the Godlike Chest from the new rewards system, Warden Cernunnos is directly purchasable for 250 gems, and Cu Chulainn has had his mastery skins added.

Of course there have also been map changes, balance changes to items and gods, and more. To view the full mid-season patch notes, head over to the official site here. The patch is already live on consoles.

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