Phantom Dust Update 3 Improves Game Chat

By Lucy Wood,
Microsoft's announcement of Update 3 for their free title Phantom Dust addresses complaints about the in-game voice chat facility which was added last month.


Microsoft described the addition of in-game voice chat as "a big opportunity for experienced players to help new players get into the nuances of Phantom Dust in a positive way...and give tips and share strategies". Unfortunately voice chat originally took sharing of strategies too far, making it impossible for partners playing Tag Team matches to discuss their game plans without being overheard by their opponents even when in party chat. The patch notes are short and sweet, indicating that voice chat should now add to the fun instead of spoiling it.

Thank you to all of our players who’ve sent us amazing feedback. We have info on the latest update for Phantom Dust. Check it out below.
  • In online multiplayer in the Tag Team Game Type each team now has their own private voice chat channel during game play rather than one group chat (except when player uses the Mind Reading skill to eavesdrop on opposing team). Chat remains group chat in lobby and all other online play modes.
  • Users may now opt-out (or opt-in) for the in-game voice chat via Xbox Live Options menu, in-game pause menu during online play, or in Options in the online game lobby.
Phantom Dust Update 3 is available now.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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