Modern Combat 5: Blackout Update XVII Details

By Ashley Woodcock,
Although many console gamers may not have checked out Modern Combat 5, the first person shooter that is available on Windows Phone and Windows 8, and was released originally in July 2014, still has a small number of players battling away in its online world. The team has detailed the 17th update for the game that will affect the Windows versions and brings with it a new game mode, new level cap and rewards, and plenty more.


Take a look at the full list below for all the details, including improvements, changes, match customisation, a three-year anniversary event, weapons and gear changes, and performance improvements:

New Game Mode with Exclusive Map - Duel

Prove your skill in a 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 matchup with its own ladders and rating system on an exclusive new map(Showdown) located within a Japanese Temple area. The first team to reach 5 points wins.

Each round ends when all the members of one team are taken out. The surviving team receives a point.

Take it further and challenge other players for 50/100/150 credits. The winner takes it all.

New Level Cap and Rewards

The max level cap has been increased from 120 to 140

Leveling up can now earn you Skill Points, Credits, Gear Renting Time, Gear Tokens.

Players over level 1 will receive Gear Tokens corresponding to their outstanding level rewards

Gear Tokens are a new currency which can be exchanged for specific gear pieces and blueprints.

Gear Tokens can be obtained from packs and as level up rewards.

Diamond dust can now be used to purchase specific blueprints.

Gear(armor and weapons) can be rented with credits.

Customize your matches to the fullest

As a game creator, turning on “Customize match” allows you to define the rules for usable Loadouts during custom games, such as:

  • Usable Weapon tiers
  • Selectable Classes
  • Usable Armor tiers
In order to join a custom game, a player must have at least one Loadout compatible with the restrictions set by the game creator. Uncompatible Loadouts are disabled during the match.Beside the Loadout restrictions, the game creator can further limit the functionality of certain features:

  • Allow/Ban grenades
  • Allow/Remove core functionality
  • Allow/Remove helmet bonuses
  • Set the number of maximum players for the lobby
3 years Anniversary Event

Celebrate with a special event and unlock weapon packs, armor packs, credits, tokens and T.O.N.I. blueprints

Weapons and Gear changes


Utility Support Class Team Reloader- The Instant Reload component of the core has been replaced with Increase Reload speed by 10%(MK1) / 15%(MK2) / 20%(MK3) / 25%(MK4)/30%(MK5)

Defensive Heavy Class Regenerator duration and damage reduction changed from 2.5 seconds and 30% (MK1) / 3seconds and 35%(MK2)/ 3.5 seconds and 40%(MK3)/ 4seconds and 45 % (MK4)/ 4.5 seconds and 50% (MK5) to 3 seconds and 15% (MK1) / 3seconds and 20%(MK2)/ 3 seconds and 25%(MK3)/ 3seconds and 30 % (MK4)/ 3 seconds and 35% (MK5)

Heavy Class Immortal duration reduced from 2.5 seconds(MK1) /3 seconds (MK2) /3.5 seconds(MK3)/ 4 seconds(MK4)/ 5 seconds (MK5) to 2.25 seconds (MK1) /2.5 seconds (MK2) /2.75 seconds (MK3) / 3 seconds (MK4) / 3.5 seconds (MK5)

Sniper Class Spectre Core invisibility effectiveness reduced


Sniper Tier 5 E24’s maximum damage slightly reduced

Assault Tier 7 PR39’s damage slightly reduced at all ranges

Assault Prestige Enforcer’s damage slightly reduced at all ranges

Assault Prestige Grinder’s minimum damage slightly reduced

Bounty Hunter Prestige Verr Power damage and rate of fire reduced

Bounty Hunter Prestige SPEC-87A rate of fire slightly increased

Morph Class

All modules moderately increased

Performance improvements

  • Low end devices performance improvements
  • Voting the same Map and Gamemode will not reload the map anymore.
The latest patch for Modern Combat 5: Blackout was planned to go live by the "end of the week" so if it's not live already, it should do so at some point today.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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