Project CARS 2 Reveals Classic Spa In All Of Its Former Glory

By Andrew Ogley, 1 year ago
When the track list for Project CARS 2 was first revealed, some sharp-eyed fans might have noticed that the historic version of Spa Francorchamps was listed. Today, Slightly Mad Studios has released a number of images of the classic circuit and some of the cars that have raced on the treacherous tarmac.

Project CARS - Spa

Back in its heyday, the 14km circuit was one of the most feared circuits in the world of motorsport. Whilst it was never as long or had anywhere near as many corners as the famous "Green Hell" of Nordschleife, the circuit was renowned for its treacherous characteristics that made driving notoriously difficult. It was the fastest road circuit of the day where most corners would be taken at speeds in excess of 180 mph and, being a road circuit, not everything was as flat or as smooth as today's tracks. This was made all the more dangerous due to the weather conditions that could plague the circuit.

Set in the Ardennes forest, it could have unpredictable weather with some parts of the track being wet through rain, whilst some parts open to the sun would be dry. John Surtees was stated as saying, “One lap was so long that you could have three types of weather … with the grid on the downhill, and with Eau Rouge the first turn, which always made you focus". With the LiveTrack 3.0 technology and the weather transitions that are possible in Project CARS 2, the virtual version of the old Spa circuit may be just as treacherous.

Those looking to test and compare themselves against some of the legends of the sport have plenty of opportunities. Firstly, they can jump into the same Lotus 25 Climax that powered Jim Clark to successive F1 victories on the circuit in '62, '63 and '64. On top of that, there's the more famous version of the car, the Lotus 49, in which even the great man himself never got to see the chequered flag, only managing sixth place in '67. Project CARS 2 also includes the Lotus 72D that took Emerson Fittipaldi to victory in 1972, and the Lotus 78 that Mario Andretti raced — albeit unsuccessfully — on the circuit in 1977. There's plenty for motorsport historians to enjoy and experience for themselves.

Along with the classic images, Slightly Mad Studios has released a few photos to celebrate this weekend's 24-hour of Spa GT3 race featuring slightly more modern cars on today's modern circuit.

Project CARS 2 will be arriving on the Xbox One on September 22nd.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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