Night Trap: 'Scene Of The Crime' Trailer And Xbox Release Delay

By Stephanie Caldwell, 1 year ago
It's becoming more common these days for old games to either make a return or be re-released, as gamers are keen to see childhood classics come back. Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition is a blast from the past that's getting an update. The 1992 SEGA CD game does have quite a following despite being deemed controversial at the time of its original release. Many were surprised at the news of the game's return but are now eagerly awaiting news of its release.

Night Trap Release Date trailer

Screaming Villians, the company responsible for the updated game, has recently been showing fans what will feature in the 25th Anniversary Edition. We have already shared information regarding new game modes such as Theatre Mode, where players can view the action scenes, and Survivor Mode. Now Screaming Villians has announced that players will be able to play 'Scene of the Crime', which was a unreleased prototype made in 1986. 'Scene of the Crime' will be fully available on the 25th Anniversary release in its original form. The company released a trailer for 'Scene Of The Crime', which briefly shows footage of the game.

It's been announced that Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition will also contain deleted scenes in the game, and will also have a behind the scenes documentary. A release date has been announced for other platforms, but unfortunately the Xbox release still doesn't have one yet. Screaming Villians hopes to announce the Xbox release date soon, but there has been a small delay that is completely out of their control. The game will be released in a couple of weeks for PS4 and PC. A trailer announcing the confirmed release date was also released.

Fans will have to wait a little while longer for the Xbox release date, but Screaming Villians assures all that the release date will be announced soon.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition achievements.
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