Catch the Crimson Snake for a Limited Time in Killer Instinct

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Another opportunity to snag a crimson Guardian is ongoing in Killer Instinct. What is crimson, you might ask? It's the highest Guardian tier in the Shadow Lords mode. These can be very rarely purchased directly or obtained through extreme RNG. Naturally, most would prefer the former as opposed to waiting for one to come through in a drop.

Killer Instinct Crimson Snake

It pertains to the Guardian Collector achievement, earned for obtaining all five tiers of the same Guardian: Green, Blue, Purple, Gold and Crimson, the rarest of the bunch. It only nets you the Crimson part of the achievement, but the others are nowhere near as tough to get your hands on. The pack also guarantees you'll get one Rare or better Guardian along with the Crimson Snake, so it gets you an immediate shot at getting something else you may need.

Killer InstinctGuardian CollectorThe Guardian Collector achievement in Killer Instinct worth 167 pointsCollect all tiers of one Guardian in Shadow Lords mode

According to our resident KI players, it's also a pretty good thing to have around. These are the stats the Crimson Snake offers, courtesy of user Korewahondes:

Poison Bite
  • Inflicts 9 points of Potential Damage per second
  • Deals a total of 30% Potential Damage
  • Delays opponent's Potential Damage regen by 8 seconds
Secondary Abilities
  • +40% DMG +60% DEF
  • Melee Attacks deal Potential Damage
The Crimson Snake is purchasable for 10,000 Astral Gems or 2,000 KI Gold. Look for it in the Shadow Lords Emporium in-game.

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