Canuck Play Fix Several Issues in Canadian Football 2017

By Ashley Woodcock, 10 months ago
If the current 0.8/5 stars is anything to go off for Canuck Play's Canadian Football 2017, it's definitely been an extremely rough start for the title since its release a few days ago. The team seems to be on the case however and has posted a series of update notes via their Twitter which lead to three detailed posts on the team's Facebook page.

First up, the difficulty of pass catching has been addressed as the passing algorithm was deemed to be over complicated. This factor of the game was written in a manner to keep the game play statistics as close as possible to real world stats. A 15 minute quarter would see players produce an average of 400 yards passing.

Canuck Play goes on to detail the discovery of the pass catching difficulty:

What we discovered after many more people played the game was that the passing was too restrictive. This was getting aggravating for many people - and nobody wants a game that makes you rage quit for the wrong reason. We’ve (attempted to) address that by removing a lot of the variables that would work against a catch being made and added just a single ‘catch modifier’. This is a simple, player adjustable, percentage that will increase or decrease the chances of a ball being caught. Distance is still considered to maintain the high risk high reward of very long passes, but as a general rule, this will lead to more passes being completed.

The Catch Modifier slider has been added to the game settings. The whole screen is navigated via the UI navigation d-pad. Buttons are toggled with the (A) button, sliders are set by pressing left or right on the d-pad.
Patch screens

Help screens in any game are meant to be helpful. However, if players are having difficulty even accessing this help screens, well, that just isn't helpful at all and will be sure to infuriate users. Here's Canuck Play with the resolution to this issue:

The Canuck Play Roundel has replaced the oval on the scoreboard, and you will notice that a small button call out has been added for a pause button. This will allow you to pause the game without needing to call up the console HUD. This button is mapped to the Center 1 Button of the XBox One Controller (which is the Back Button of the 360 Controller). On the PC you can also press the (P) key on the keyboard.

Once the familiar pause screen is displayed you will notice there’s an extra button 'Y' on the tool bar. This will bring up an in-game version of the stadium loading screens allowing you to navigate (with the bumpers) through the various controller mapping screens.
Patch screens

Patch screens

Lastly, the instructions for kicking needed to be made more clear. Again, issues with information and unhelpful help sections were a cause for concern and Canuck Play provides more info on how they've fixed this issue:

A small kicking 'widget' has been added to the screen to provide the steps for kicking. All kick offs, punts and field goals, use the same method. Aim with the Right Stick, Kick with the Left Stick by pulling back and pushing forward. On punts and field goals, this also snaps the ball.

The confusing help box (that was not helping) has been removed for kicking plays so there should be less confusion about the process.
The development team has also uploaded a video to their Facebook page in regards to the kicking which can be viewed right here.

The latest updates for Canadian Football 2017 are already live.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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