Weekend Announcements July 28th-30th: Bleed, Space Thinger and eMe's Launch Pad

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
The weekend saw the announcement of three new titles, all of which are due to be released this month. One is coming to Xbox One whereas the other two are exclusive to Windows 10. There's ambitions to be the greatest hero of all time, a battle to save friends imprisoned in cages, and a space shooter where you need to save the galaxy. Here they are:


If you've ever tried any of the games on the soon-to-be-discontinued Xbox Live Indie Games section of the Xbox 360 store, you may have encountered Bootdisk Revolution and Nephilim Game Studios' run and gun title. Wryn has a dream to be the ultimate videogame hero and she has a rather large arsenal to help her to achieve it. Along the way, she needs to defeat the Greatest Heroes of All Time so that she can claim the title for herself.


Players need to dodge enemies with style as they face a constant onslaught across seven levels filled with obstacles, set-pieces and the aforementioned enemies and bosses. Players can pre-order the game at a discount of 20% off until the game is released on Xbox One on August 24th.

eMe's Launch Pad

Gamers Rise is primarily a father who wanted to teach his daughters how to design and develop game apps using the S.T.E.M program. The result is this puzzle title. eMe's friends have been captured by the Bad eMeians, who have even worse plans to disrupt the ecosystem of eMe's home world. If he's to save the planet and his friends, eMe must choose the correct angle, speed and strategy to break the cage that's hanging from the top of the screen. The game is due to launch on Windows 10 later this month.

Space Thinger

Wytchlight's arcade style space shooter tasks players with fighting their way through multiple combat zones, all while mining crystals from asteroids and collecting debris from fallen enemies to upgrade their ship. The game places on emphasis on close quarters dog fights and upgrading your ship will enable you to take on bigger and better missions, like collecting artifacts, defending a space station or destroying transmitter probes. Bonus missions offer even greater rewards, which you'll get to take on yourself when the game is released on Windows 10 later this month.

Will you be picking up any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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