Wolfenstein II Multiple Gameplay Videos Released

By Andrew Ogley, 11 months ago
Whilst the release date for the very highly anticipated WWII shooter Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus remains a little way off, Bethesda has released a number of gameplay videos featuring some of the missions and one of the boss fights from the title. Needless to say, the game is already looking spectacularly good. What shines through is how good the gunplay is, how clean the interface has become and how gorgeous those neo-gothic industrial environments look. Ahead of the clips and the rest of the article, there's a little disclaimer. To avoid giving too much away, we're staying a little vague in the description of the clips and there are obviously a few spoilers revealed in the trailers, as Wolfenstein II is a story based game. If you want to see it all for the first time in October then maybe it's best to stop reading now.

Wolfenstein II - gameplay reveal

Firstly, we have a clip from Playstation Underground in which the two presenters play through various parts of the game. The clip starts at the opening of the game but then proceeds to show a few other missions too. In one part, the two take turns to show the difference between the stealth approach and the all-guns-blazing approach to tackling one particular objective. They also reveal a little of the perks system and weapon enhancements that are available. There is commentary that runs through the length of the video, which tends to push the game soundscape into the background.

For those who want to enjoy the gameplay in all of its audio glory too, there are three official clips from Bethesda. The first clip begins with the opening of the game and shows the now familiar — thus already revealed — game mechanic in the first mission of the game. The clip also reintroduces some familiar friendly and not so friendly faces. As with all of the clips, we have to post a spoiler disclaimer ahead of viewing as some of the storyline is revealed.

The second clip starts out with a familiar scene for all of those who watched the E3 official reveal clips, and yes it is the 'Milkshake' trailer that plays out in its entirety. The scene is actually staged in Roswell and the object being carried by the player turns out to be a nuke; we'll just leave that there.

Finally, to round things out, the last Bethesda clip features one of the staged boss battles with which fans of the franchise will no doubt be familiar. As always, these battles are frantic, tense affairs and this is no different.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be hitting the Xbox One on October 27th

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