Weekend Headlines July 28th-30th: NBA 2K18, ChromaGun, Halo Wars 2 and More

By Rebecca Smith,
We couldn't bring Weekend Announcements back without bringing Weekend Headlines back with it. Accompanying the three announcements this week is a list of trailers, screenshots, updates and other details that appeared over the weekend, all of which might have slipped past you. Take a look:


Destructive Creations' Medieval real-time strategy title received its first look at some gameplay. Taken from actual, unaltered PC gameplay footage, we see a mix of viewpoints with the classic top-down strategic view, camera zoom and the special action camera all on show. The harsh man-to-man combat, clashing swords and bodies strewn everywhere all bring the brutality of medieval warfare to the forefront.


It's hard not to compare Pixel Maniacs' upcoming title to Portal, especially when the developer admits that they "wanted to recreate that feeling of playing Portal for the first time, and bring back just a little of that magic". You'll get to find out just how similar it is when the game is released on August 23rd. Pre-orders begin on August 3rd. For now, take a look at the first-person puzzler in the new trailer below. Just remember, they're colours, not portals.

Dark and Light

In Snail Games' upcoming MMORPG, one of the most important survival skills in the world of Archos is to learn how to use natural resources to your advantage. In the first instalment of the developer's 101 tutorial series, players will see how to harvest and gather those resources effectively.

Dead Alliance

Last weekend was the free multiplayer beta for Illfonic's upcoming team-based multiplayer zombie shooter. If you weren't able to get your hands on the game, we've procured a trio of screenshots that demonstrate what you missed. The game will be out on August 29th if you need to mark it on your calendar.


Who remembers the Hugbots from Tower of Guns? Well, the developer's next creation, first-person shooter Mothergunship, will see the creatures return due to their overwhelming popularity in the previous title. Their exact role is yet to be revealed but the developer is currently taking suggestions on what mean things he could do to the player if they killed one. If you have any fantastic ideas, join in the discussion on Twitter.


By now, NASCAR fans are sure to know what to expect from this year's instalment in the franchise. Just in case, the latest trailer shows off the Iowa Speedway circuit. Try it for yourself when the game releases on September 12th.

NBA 2K18

In the latest instalment of the NBA 2K franchise, the game's MyGM mode is getting a makeover. You'll still have all of the team building and user control that you've experienced in previous years, but now it's also a "narrative-driven story-based franchise experience". In MyGM: The Next Chapter, players assume the role of one of the former bright stars of the NBA. In May 2011, a knee injury ended your playing career. Six years later, you're now the newly-appointed GM of an NBA team and you'll need to balance the owner's expectations, your staff's needs, the attention from the press, competition from other GMs, and the performance of your players.

Senior Producer Erick Boenisch goes into far more detail on his blog post, as well as the improvements that they've made regarding the 2017 NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, G-League integration, two-way contracts, Free Agent Moratorium, international draft prospect stashing, a new analytics tool, and many other features. I suggest you have a read.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

Four weeks ago, developer MercurySteam questioned whether the world needed another shooter. Well, the answer wasn't going to fit into a single video, so here's part two where Game Designer Joan Amat and Gameplay Programmer Hernan Ojuel detail the dynamic levels and objectives, as well as how players can accrue Aleph through melee combat. They follow this with a discussion about the organic cover system and how this affects stealth gameplay. Finally, we see why it's important not to let your guard down.

Updates and Patches

GameVersionRelease DateDetails
DC Universe OnlineStats RevampAvailable Nowdetails here
Halo Wars 2Serina/Operation Spearbreaker DLC patchAvailable Nowdetails here
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