Agents of Mayhem Welcomes the "Carnage A Trois" Crew

By Will Cruz, 11 months ago
Later this month, Agents of Mayhem will make its debut. Deep Silver has continuously revealed characters (and their respective cliques) to build hype. The firing squad and the bombshells are two groups revealed to the world so far. Today, we get a glimpse at the vulgar, brash and insane group known as Carnage A Trois.

Agents of Mayhem

"Carnage A Trois" consists of Braddock, Yeti and Daisy. Braddock is an ex US army drill sergeant trained and recruited by LEGION. Yeti is an elite Russian soldier (formerly known as Oleg in Saints Row) who is essentially a super soldier. The final member is Daisy, a roller derby girl with no filter. This sadistic, brutal and completely destructive group isn’t to be toyed with. Interested to see how these guys roll? Check out the trailer below.

Agents of Mayhem hits the streets on August 18th.

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Will Cruz
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