Canadian Football 2017 New Passing System Added

By Dave Bricker, 11 months ago
Canuck Play Inc. announced a new passing system for Canadian Football 2017. Initially, the game had a touch pass system (with a touch of the button) and bullet pass (holding down the button longer). Feedback from players was that the passing and receiving system was unnecessarily difficult. Many players felt there was a lag in the system between when the button was depressed and when the ball was released.

Passing in the game will now have three passing styles:

Canadian Football 2017 new passing system

The primary way to pass the ball is just tap the button for the receiver you want to throw to. Tap meaning a quick press and release. The QB will not start his throwing motion until you release the button. If you tap and release in less than ½ second the QB will throw a nice touch pass.

If you tap the button to start the throw, then tap it a second time — before the ball is released --, the pass will be thrown as a lob ball with lots of air under it.

If you hold the button down for more than ½ second, the QB will throw a bullet pass. Bullet passes to a receiver that are within 10 yards are very hard to catch.

This should accommodate most people that want instant throwing but also help those that want to be able to add a little finesse to their passing game.
Receiving has also received some tweaks. Initially, receiving was designed mostly for moving the ball down the field in small chunks, primarily 15 yards or less. Passes over 30 yards had a completion rate lower than 60%, lower than in real life. Although the game is similar to real life, players expressed frustration with the system in which completions were determined, primarily by length of the pass, hands of the receiver, weather, angle of the throw, and a few other variables.

Canadian Football New receiving system

We’ve reduced the complexity of the reception formula down to a simple slider on the Game Settings screen. This is the pass catch modifier and does work in conjunction with the receivers Hands rating. We also still have the consideration of short passes being more likely to be caught that really long ones, but even that has been changed to allow for more completed long passes.

The results are a greatly increased number of catches.

But just catching the ball doesn’t mean your receiver will hang on to it. If you throw the ball to a receiver that is going to be crushed as soon as he touches the ball, he’s very likely going to drop it. The chance of this receiver hanging on to the ball after a ‘bang bang’ play is based on his hands rating as well as weather. Rainy games make the ball harder to hold on to.

Okay, so yes the passing was frustrating out of the box. We hope that these changes address the majority of concerns and allow for both types of players; those that like ball control, and those that like to chuck it down field.
This update should already be live.

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