For Honor Season Three Dated, New Heroes, New Battlefields and More Incoming

By Ashley Woodcock, 10 months ago
Dubbed the "biggest season yet", For Honor's Season Three "Grudge & Glory" will include the largest update so far for the game and includes new heroes, maps, gear, ranked play, and plenty of gamplay updates. First of all, let's say hello to the new Heroes who will be joining the never-ending battle already raging between Knights, Vikings and Samurai:

Season Three Art

Highlander (Viking Hybrid)

Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms. Their defensive form allows for counter-attacking and trading blows, while their offensive form empowers them to unleash their deadliest attacks at the expense of being able to block. Wielding the heaviest and longest sword in the game, the Highlander’s massive claymore gives them a deadly combination of strength and range.

Gladiator (Knight Assassin)

Wielding a trident and shield, Gladiators have made a living off of killing for sport, and now bring their ruthlessness and skill to war. Equipped with little armour, they can punch their opponents to create separation to set up attacks and stuns. Their larger stamina meter and reduced cool down times make them extremely agile and dangerous opponents.
Fighters will be able to tear each other apart on two new battlefields, Sentinel and Viking Village. Both of these will be added to the world map and will come with a unique and deadly environmental hazard that will force players to become very familiar with the terrain and be more aware of what's around them at all times. Season Three will also bring with it new legendary gear rarity and the max reputation for all Heroes will be increased to 40. This will allow for players to customise their Heroes even further.

New 1v1 duel tournaments will also be introduced in Season Three. Fighters can take part in tournaments and win exclusive tournament rewards by working towards higher rankings that will reset at the end of each season. The competitive play will expand even more later this year when 4v4 ranked modes will be added to the game. To keep the game as balanced as possible and to prepare for even more competitive play, the upcoming title update 1.11 will include several additional gameplay updates with adjustments to balance offensive and defensive play styles that will be tested throughout Season Three.

Take a look at the brave brawls from both of the new Heroes in the following screens:

If you're really pumped for the upcoming Season, get a sneak peek at the new content in store on August 12th at 7PM BST via the For Honor Twitch channel, where the team will be hosting a tournament that will see the best of the best competing for a share of a $10,000 prize pool.

Season Three in For Honor will be available at no extra charge for Season Pass holders on August 15th, while those without the Season Pass will be able to unlock the new content in-game on August 22nd for 15,000 Steel.

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