Conan Exiles New Expansion Detailed

By Claudio Barata, 11 months ago
After the announcement that the Xbox version of Conan Exiles will launch on August 16th together with a free expansion, we now have the details on "The Frozen North" together with a trailer and screenshots.

Starting with the Map, "The Frozen North" will add new mountains to climb, deep forests to explore and new dungeons, increasing the map size of the current game by 70%.

With the addition of the new cold environments, Conan Exiles will now have a "temperature system" where players will have to adapt their clothing to the weather conditions to avoid freezing or overheating, with drinks and 300 other items to help control one's temperature. Speaking of drinks and meals, these will be possible to craft with the new brewing and cooking crafting systems, allowing players to craft wine, absinthe, bug soup, demon blood sausage, and adding trapping fish and beekeeping to the game.

In addition to the new metals and materials that can be harvested, the new expansion will have equipment types, new building pieces and new types of furniture that can be crafted. There will also be a new religion that will allow us to summon Ymir, the Lord of Storm, and make use of his big, big battle-axe.

In the new expansion's world, players can also count on the whites (or white-walkers if you're into Game of Thrones): an enemy that comes back from the dead every night. The new multi-level dungeon is called the Black Keep and comes with Tyros the Deathbringer. Finally, "The Frozen North" promises to improve the combat and the human enemies' AI.

Both Conan Exiles and "The Frozen North" Expansion will release on the Xbox Game Preview program on August 16th.

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Claudio Barata
Written by Claudio Barata
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