Weekend Announcements August 4th-6th: Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This weekend brought along five new titles, the majority of which are due to be released within the next couple of months. There are a mix of Xbox One and Windows 10 titles covering a variety of genres. There are ghosts that need to be scared away, a colour co-ordinated shoot 'em up, atonement for your sins in a previous life and a story that needs to be finished. As for the last title, I'll take answers on the back of a postcard to the usual address. Here they are:

Akuatica: Turtle Racing

I'm going to be honest and say that I have little idea of what's going on here. The game is described as an "action adventure game with challenging bosses that required problem solving". It takes place across multiple environments, from shallow rivers and coral reefs to the open sea and deep abysses. Players will take on "epic bosses and dozens of unique enemies". As well as the single player campaign, players will be able to compete in multiplayer modes too. Take a look at the gameplay below. The game is due to be released in Q3 2017 so you potentially have a few weeks to work it out before it appears on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Ghostlight Manor (Windows)

Digital Future Lab's upcoming ID@Xbox title is a "fast-moving strategic puzzler" where players have to use special light beams to uncover, manage and then scare away monsters. You'll journey through a haunted countryside as you make your way to the titular Ghostlight Manor, conquering 60 levels while trying to find the source of the monster invasion. Not only do the different creatures have unique abilities, you will encounter allies that each have their own special powers; you can also unlock different light beams to help you out. Like the above title, you'll see this game during Q3 2017. Unlike the above title, it's only due to be released for Windows 10.


Manufacture 43's upcoming shoot 'em up is described as "easy to learn, hard to master" and it's easy to see why. Despite inspiration from pre-Columbian civilizations, the title is set in a futuristic universe. Players assume the role of Axo whose purpose is simply revenge for the betrayal suffered by Earth's citizens. He pilots a holy ship known as Chukaru, which can deal extra damage, heal itself or perform a super attack by combining colours in certain ways, using the correct weapon on the correct enemy. This mechanic is shown off in the trailer below. You'll get to try it for yourself when the game is released for Xbox One and Windows 10 in Q3 2017.

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

The odd one out of the five titles, this one is neither ID@Xbox or due to be released soon. You'll need to wait until Q1 2018 for Dark Star's "boss battler action-RPG" on Xbox One. Adam is a fallen soldier who exists in the afterlife, wishing to restore his memories and make up for his sins in his previous life. His quest pits him against eight bosses, seven of which are based on one of the seven deadly sins.


In a twist on the usual levelling system, Adam needs to make sacrifices before he can battle his foes — he needs to choose a stat that he can sacrifice and level down. This makes every fight tougher than the last, although there will be a variety of unlockable weapons to help along the way. Players must choose their actions carefully because Adam's interactions with each boss will determine his fate at the end of the game, with a variety of endings waiting to be discovered.

The Story Goes On

What happens when a crazed author refuses to finish their creation, threatening to discard the story forever? You'll find out in Scarecrow Arts' upcoming hack 'n' slash title. Players are dropped into the pages of this unfinished book and are instructed to become a hero who is worth writing about. To become worthy, you'll create a story that makes you face permadeath, conquer procedurally generated worlds and find dozens of unique items. Become a hero when the game is released on Xbox One in Q3 2017.

Do any of these titles take your fancy?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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