Bulletstorm Skillisode Volume 4

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
You know the drill by now. This episode of Skillisodes does not just show off 3 new skillshots but new weapons as well: The Screamer (Fireworks), Headhunter (Letterbomb) and the infamous Penetrator (Breakdance).

Show of hands, anyone else think Breakdance is the best skill shot we have seen?

Can't remember the other skillshots?

Skillisodes Volume 1: Gag Reflex, Mercy and Acid Rain
Skillisodes Volume 2: Voodoo Doll, Parashoot, The Torpedo
Skillisodes Volume 3: Burn, Juggler, Gang Bang
Community Choice #1: Tug of War
Community Choice #2: Das Boot

The demo for Bulletstorm is available to Gold Members on Xbox LIVE now, and the full game is scheduled for a February 22nd release in North America and February 25th release in Europe.
Credit for this story goes to Mstrofdashadows