Fable Fortune 0.4 Patch Information Announced

By Dave Bricker, 11 months ago
New patch information, semantically labeled the 0.4 patch, has been released for Fable Fortune. The patch, which introduces and alters a number of things, is highlighted by the introduction of friend invites. You can now invite friends to play against you in PVP. You can also invite friends in a co-op battle against huge bosses. To celebrate this patch release, a Fancy Morality-themed cards pack has been made available for those who log in.

Fable Fortune

Developer Flaming Fowl describes how their PVP features are expected to work:

We see friendly PvP as a way for you to experiment with new decks, earn bragging rights and have some fun, so you won’t earn any Silver or XP rewards for playing friendly PvP matches against your friends. You also won’t earn (or lose!) any Medals, so it won’t have any effect on your ranking or League status. On the flip side, you will still earn Seals and the full amount of XP/Silver while playing with your friends in co-op, so you can power through a co-op challenge with your friend to earn all the rewards.

This feature is restricted by platform, so you can’t invite your Steam friends to play with you while playing on Xbox One. Friend invites is also currently only available on Steam and Xbox One, with Windows 10 support to follow in a subsequent update.
Other changes include animation improvements in battle. The game should feel more responsive and actions should be more seamless. Chain reaction is a good test. Also included in the patch is a deck selection bug fix. Whatever type of decks you were last looking at will be selected when you go back into that screen. There is a card change to Spire Commandant. There was a bug associated with this card, so for two weeks the salvage value will be increased to compensate players. The card ability is reverted to "Last Laugh: Deal 1 damage to ALL units for each spell in your hand.”

Other bug fixes are listed below.


  • Attacking a Cemetery Bannerman after destroying another Cemetery Bannerman no longer causes an error.
  • Arena Commentator’s ability will no longer trigger twice.
  • Blaze of Glory will now always fully heal the targeted unit.
  • Changed the order of the card draw effect of Hobbe Stiltwalker and all cards with similar abilities so that the player using that card will always draw first.
  • Demon Door no longer gives out cards which aren’t available in card packs.
  • Fanatic’s ability no longer continues to affect you after it has been removed from the board.
  • Fixed a bug with Apprentice Inventor where he would make only one of the two players draw a card in co-op.
  • Furious Librarian’s ability no longer occasionally causes an error.
  • Furious Librarian’s ability no longer triggers when gaining cards from Conjure or other, similar sources.
  • Furious Librarian’s ability now triggers as expected in co-op.
  • Lab Maniac’s ability no longer continues to affect you after it has been removed from the board.
  • Lord of Wraithmarsh’s ability will no longer trigger twice.
  • Morbid Arcanist no longer gets stuck in your hand if you obtained it using Conjure.
  • Playing a transforming Morality unit with a targeted Big Entrance will no longer cause an error when Lord of Wraithmarsh is on the board.
  • A bunch of miscellaneous ‘Uh Oh’ errors have been fixed.
  • Attempting to drop a card back into your hand will no longer result in that card being accidentally played.
  • Attempting to edit a custom deck while using a controller and already having the maximum amount of decks will no longer cause an error.
  • Cancelling the deployment of a unit that has been buffed in your hand will now correctly maintain the buff on that unit.
  • Completing a Quest by playing a unit that draws a card and modifies its cost no longer also modifies the cost of that Quest’s reward.
  • Concede tooltip now correctly informs the player that they will forfeit rewards by conceding.
  • Currently Craftable filter in crafting mode is now correctly applied to Fancy cards.
  • Entering crafting mode while editing a custom deck will no longer cause that deck to lose its contents.
  • Fancy gold cards can now correctly be played from your hand when using a controller.
  • Fixed an error which occurred while changing pages in the card collection after removing a card from your deck.
  • Fixed the hitbox for Open Packs on the main menu.
  • Fixed a display issue with the reward boundaries for the Hero League during the result sequence.
  • Game mode portals inside the crystal ball no longer flicker on highlight.
  • Hero League UI is no longer misaligned during the post match results sequence.
  • Minor text and tooltip amends.
  • ’New’ card FX no longer enlarges when revealing a new Fabled card during pack opening.
  • Suggestions that target the Heroes in co-op will no longer appear to ping the boss.
  • When using the Trial version through Game Preview, you will no longer be able to access the Store.
  • You can no longer accidentally skip the reveal of the last card in a card pack that you are opening.
  • You can no longer suggest that your ally uses Guard on a unit that can’t Guard.
  • Your Hero’s/opponent’s Health values will now correctly turn red if they are below the maximum amount.
  • You should no longer occasionally receive an error when playing a unit while you already have 5 other units in play.
  • You will no longer get stuck in a battle if your opponent concedes when they are about to lose.
  • You will no longer get stuck in a battle if your opponent concedes when you are picking a Quest.
  • Your ally’s Quest selection will now always be displayed, even if they loaded into the battle before you.
  • Your Hero Powers will no longer display when you have a card in your deck list selected while using a controller.
There are also some known issues that have yet to be fixed. They are listed below:

  • If your friend leaves your game while you are both selecting your decks, you will not receive a notification that they have left.
  • Making a purchase while using a very poor internet connection can result in you getting stuck in an endless ‘Purchasing…’ screen. The purchase will not be processed, so no funds will be deducted from your account.
  • ’New’ card FX are missing some particles while in the card collection.
  • Some parts of the card collection UI incorrectly remain lit while you are renaming your deck.
  • You may encounter issues when inviting friends to play with you if your friend has not yet launched the game.
  • You may encounter issues when accepting a friend invite while performing complex in-game actions (transitioning between screens, during salvaging/crafting animations, while you or your opponent are picking cards/conceding, etc).
The 0.4 update should now be live.

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