Super Comboman: Smash Edition Official Release Trailer

By Will Cruz, 11 months ago
Beat-em-up titles typically follow the same format. Fast combat, swift combinations and usually an intense story. Developer Interabang Entertainment swapped out intensity for the polar opposite for their upcoming game Super Comboman: Smash Edition. Bringing gamers a unique 2D brawler feel, this title is aiming to provide an entertaining yet fresh experience.

Super Comboman: Smash Edition

Super Comboman is a wacky and colorful title with inspired combat based in a destructible sticker world. Visually the game draws influence from comics and (if you ask me) Steven Universe. Nonetheless, the game provides fast-paced fighting, sick combos and upgradeable moves that allow players to develop their own style of combat. Check out all the action below.

Super Comboman: Smash Edition is set to release on August 22nd.

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