Overwatch: Origins Edition New Game Mode Revealed - Deathmatch

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
In a new developer update video from Blizzard Entertainment, the team behind popular first-person shooter Overwatch: Origins Edition, game director Jeff Kaplan reveals a new game mode that will be making its way to the Arcade very soon. The team knows that many players have asked for new game modes with one of those being Deathmatch. Originally saying no to someone who asked him at Blizzcon event, the team have now changed their minds and will be adding free-for-all Deathmatch to the Arcade.


Watch the full video or skip to the specific times below for specific answers and information to the questions and summaries below:

00:15 - Why didn't we add Deathmatch before?
00:57 - Deathmatch is coming to the Arcade!
01:25 - Overview of Free-For-All Deathmatch
02:28 - What maps will be used for FFA Deathmatch?
02:51 - New map coming for FFA Deathmatch: Chateau Guillard
03:57 - Overview of Team Deathmatch
04:27 - What maps will be used for Team Deathmatch?
05:31 - Impact on Game Browser and Custom Games
06:34 - Never say never: Deathmatch is available right now on the PTR!

A release date for Deathmatch mode in Overwatch is yet to be announced.

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