Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Episode 2 Review

By Megan Walton,
Spolier warning: this review contains spoilers for episodes one and two of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
When we left Jesse and friends at the end of episode one of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two, it's fair to say things weren't looking too good. Although Vos had been rescued, a giant new enemy named the Admin had not only made an appearance, but found his way into Beacontown. Episode one started the new season off well, so could episode two continue this trend?

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

The episode picks up right where its predecessor left off, with the Admin towering over Beacontown. Only making a brief appearance in the first episode, the Admin plays much more of a starring role this time around, which is both a positive and a negative. We learn more about him as a character and his abilities, including the fact that he seems to be able to have more than one form, but unfortunately his form that takes on the main role in this episode is a rather annoying one. Rather than leaving us with this annoying Admin though, the game takes a different route at the end of the episode, with a surprising twist and, as expected, ends on a cliffhanger.

The main chunk of this episode sees you travelling on a quest to track down a special clock, that allows the beholder to control the time of day. With this and the special gauntlet, it's easy to see that this season of Minecraft: Story Mode is very focused on the supernatural items. We already visited an underwater temple in the first episode, and now we visit an ice castle this time around, which again makes for some memorable scenery. The light blues and whites of the snowy scenes sell the colder and darker setting and the story fits with this.

Although this episode does feel even shorter than the first, it excites from start to finish. You almost jump straight into the action as the episode loads up, and the ending leaves you hanging, desperate to know what is going to happen next. There's the expected QTEs to utilize in a big fight at the start, and in this episode one path even comes face to face with a real mini boss. This inclusion makes the episode stand out from the usual Telltale formula.

This episode also challenges you to pick between friends old and new, as someone from previous episodes comes to play more of a role. Some of your choices also revolve around this, forcing you to choose who to stick with and who to trust. The inclusion of familiar faces is a nice nod to people who played the first season and came to form a bond with some of these characters. At the same time, however, this divide may make it easy for new players to align themselves with one group of friends or the other, as anyone who hasn't played the first season likely doesn't have much of a connection to the longer tenured characters.

It's not always that Telltale games let you do more than choose your talking points, but this one does add a fun new wrinkle in the form of a shooting gallery mini-game. This goes on for a few rounds and is definitely a highlight of the episode, as it's something completely different and breaks up the usual formula. It's worth noting that you could miss this if you don't go down the proper path, though.

The alternative path takes you to a puzzle room, where you must figure out how to open the door and escape the room by solving some puzzles. This is still a nice change from the constant talking, and requires a little bit of thinking, but is less interactive than the shooting range. There are more puzzles on this path, but more fighting on the other path. It's quite a fork in Telltale's road. They don't often change gameplay mechanics so drastically in this way.

This episode also has the usual six achievements to earn along the way, and all of them will come with natural story progression.


"Episode 2 - Giant Consequences" is a dramatic continuation for Mincraft: Story Mode - Season Two. The story feels like it's getting a little darker, which is an interesting direction for what is usually Telltale's most family-friendly series. Although the episode feels shorter than most, there's a lot of action and adventure packed into it, with mini-bosses and mini-games alike. Overall, Giant Consequences is a worthwhile new chapter, and helps build a strong foundation for the rest of the season,
4 / 5
Episode 2: Giant Consequences in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
  • Learn more about the Admin...
  • Archery mini-game is a highlight
  • Darker feel to the series is a good move
  • ...after he is rather annoying through the middle of the story
  • Episode feels very short
The reviewer spent just over one hour completing the second episode, continuing her journey with Jesse and friends, and unlocking all six achievements along the way. A download code for the season pass was provided for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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