Colourful Platformer INK Coming To Console This September

By Andy Mills,
Originally released on PC back in August 2015, ZackBellGames have announced that their vivid platformer Ink will be making its way onto consoles with the help of publisher Digerati Distribution.


In INK, the objective is fairly simple. Defeat all enemies and reach the end of the level. Of course, in reality, it won't be so simple and there's a rather colourful twist on proceedings. The terrain of each level starts off invisible and will be revealed by covering it in colour, whether that's via double jumps, squashing enemies or the player dying (or should that be dye-ing?), all three actions will cover the level in colour. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to check out the trailer below.

INK is set to jump onto Xbox One on September 22nd, with a special pre-order price of US$7.49/€7.49/£5.99, a 25% discount on the game's normal price.

We've got the full list of Ink achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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