Rock of Ages Gets Imminent Release Date Along With Images & Trailer

By Chewie, 10 months ago
A little over a year ago, ACE Team and Atlus announced that they would be bringing a sequel to their 2011 XBLA title Rock of Ages to consoles in the form of Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder. Things seemed to be rolling along nicely up until early this year when the game went stone silent and it missed its "first half of the year" release prediction.

Thankfully, the developer has now re-emerged to announce that the game is not only still coming, but it's coming rather darn soon. Boasting a new campaign of carnage set in different periods of artistic history, a focus on co-operative and competitive play, improved physics and destruction, and some nutty new multiplayer modes, the game promises to deliver maximum levels of quirky fun. Also, great big massive balls.

Those who purchase the game in the first month of release will also get a free "Binding of Isaac" DLC featuring themed boulders, avatars and banners.

Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder will be rolling out on August 29th for US$14.99. To celebrate the launch, there'll be a week long 10% discount on offer.

We've got the full list of Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Chewie
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