Iron Harvest Teaser Trailer and Screens

By Lucy Wood, 9 months ago
A new teaser trailer and screenshots show off a pre-alpha build of upcoming RTS Iron Harvest, a game inspired by the 1920+ universe created by Polish artist Jakub Rózalski.

Rózalski's 1920+ is an alternate reality based on the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921, during which Poland successfully resisted the Soviet Red Army and halted the march of communism towards Europe. He paints massive military mechs against a backdrop of rural Poland and similar mechs are now beautifully animated by KING Art Games in Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest is expected to launch in 2018.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
Lucy wasted her youth in the pursuit of music, art and stories. Eventually she discovered that video games combine all three with shooting and exploding stuff and a gamer was born.