Xbox Conference

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We'll be live streaming and live blogging Microsoft's Xbox Presentation from Gamescom 2017.

Once the show starts, the stream will be embedded within this story and you'll also be able to discuss all the news from the show with your fellow TA members in the embedded chat window.

Join us shortly for what looks like it could be the most important Xbox presentation in years!

We'll be finding out a lot more about the Xbox One XWe'll be finding out a lot more about the Xbox One X

Welcome to the live blog of Microsoft's Xbox Presentation from Gamescom 2017.

I'm Rich Stone and I'll be keeping you up to date with all the developments.

We have less than 30 minutes until the event, what are hoping to see?

Here we go then.......

...and we're off!

With a trailer for the Xbox One X!

Now we are live with Graeme Boyd (AceyBongos), Julia Hardy and Maxi Graff.

We have 7 World Premiere Trailers to come, Minecraft, loads of news, Pre-order info, and another "very special announcement" to come!

We're starting with a new trailer for Assassins Creed: Origins.

It's graphically stunning, but they introduced it by emphasizing that it was a CGI trailer and not actual gameplay, and I feel that's a shame for the first trailer of the show.

An absolutely fantastic trailer for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - they have made that game look an awful lot prettier since I last saw it on PC.

They are now chatting with the game designer, who seems quite chilled considering the phenomenon that the game has become.

The key point from the chat is that is that they are teaming with Microsoft to publish the game!

Next up - a World Premiere trailer for Jurassic World Evolution - what looks to be a SIMS style game coming next summer.

Aaron Greenberg and Shannon Loftis now join Acey on the couch.

Enhanced games on Xbox One X include:

  • Gears 4
  • Forza Horizon 3
  • Minecraft
  • Killer Instinct
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Halo 5
  • Quantum Break
  • FIFA 18
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Shadows of War
  • NBA 2K18
  • Titanfall 2
  • Fallout 4
The full list will be announced today!

A new announcement....Re:core is getting a definitive edition, remastered in 4K and with HDR.

Here's the full list of enhanced games:

New content is coming for Halo Wars 2 on September 26th.

Now time for some Forza 7.....

Turn 10 bigging up the PC version of the game. Just to recap, there's over 700 cars and dynamic weather.

And here's a new (actually, it's the E3 one) trailer for the console itself.

We'll be getting our hands on the console throughout this week so check out the TrueAchievements podcast to hear our thoughts!

Now we have Mike Ybarra on the couch.

You are going to be able to download the 4k updates before launch, and transfer your games around your local network onto your new console.

A light and dark mode switch is coming to the dashboard - cool idea, we should do it on TA!

State of Decay 2 looks really interesting, and will be playable in co-op. I didn't play the first game but I will definitely be checking this one out.

Now a new trailer for World of Tanks. There's tanks in it, and lots of shooting. It's going to include a new campaign mode called War Stories!

We've be meeting with WarGaming so we will find it more about it on Wednesday

It's also going to be joining Xbox Arena (which means online competitive tournaments).

Xbox Design Lab is coming to another 20 countries.

They are making special edition Gamescom controllers if you design your at the Xbox booth - I might have to do that

Some big numbers from the ID@Xbox team, hopefully we've helped to grow some of those sales with our extensive coverage on TA.

And now - Sea of Thieves!

We have a couple of the producers from Rare. There's a new build for Gamescom, and it includes cross-play with Windows/Xbox! We played this at the show last year and had a blast, it will be interesting to see how far it's come in a year.

They are showing off a limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S console and it looks pretty awesome.

Shadows of War still looks fantastic, and we'll be at the party on Tuesday night to play it properly. And if we can stay sober enough, we might also capture some footage

Now we are seeing Cuphead. This game was playable at Gamescom two years ago so it's been a long time in development.

Hopefully they've turned down the difficulty a notch, as it was seriously hard to get through the boss battles.

Another World Premiere trailer now.

Made by Paradox Interactive, it's called Surviving Mars. It's a Cities Skylines type game, but set on Mars!

And here's the big announcement.....

It's the Project Scorpio special edition of the Xbox One X. I'm definitely Pro-ordering one - here's the details: Xbox One X Now Available For Pre-Order