ID@Xbox Gamescom 2017 Montage

By Rebecca Smith,
Having released 600 games onto the Xbox One through the four year history of the ID@Xbox program, you can't deny that it plays a large role in Microsoft's plans for the future. Over the last 12 months, players have spent more than 1 billion hours playing ID@Xbox games and have unlocked 200 million achievements worth a total of 6 billion gamerscore.


Over 2,500 ID@Xbox developers have dev kits for the Xbox One and/or the Xbox One X and there are currently more than 1,500 ID@Xbox games in development. We'd still be here at this time next year if we were introduced to all of them, but the traditional montage trailer showcased 14 of those titles that are coming to the Xbox One within the next 12 months or have just recently been released.

Will you be picking up any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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