Junkertown is Coming to Overwatch: Origins Edition

By Will Cruz, 1 month ago
Blizzard Entertainment’s popular first-person shooter Overwatch: Origins Edition is receiving updates left and right. Earlier this month, they announced Deathmatch for arcade mode. Deathmatch isn’t the only addition as Blizzard has now revealed a new escort map titled Junkertown.

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Fans of Overwatch know all about the character Junkrat. This defense hero is known for lobbing bouncing grenades with his frag launcher and launching opponents with his concussion mine. Whether you’ve been caught in his metal-toothed trap or accidentally killed by his grenade drops, it’s hard to ignore this lunatic. Needless to say, Junkertown has connections to the character and if you’re interested, check out bits of the map below.

If you’re curious to learn of the backstory between the town and character, check out the animated short as well.

The "Junkertown" escort map is coming soon.
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Written by Will Cruz
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