Fe Confirmed for Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith,
Last year during E3, EA revealed a new program called EA Originals. Instead of going for the large AAA titles, the program's aim was to focus on the smaller studios with unique and innovative ideas for their games. The first game to be revealed for the program was Fe, but since E3 we've heard nothing about the game. Well, that all changed at Gamescom when we heard more details about the game, as well as a trailer, screenshots and confirmation that the game was heading to Xbox One.

Fe is a wordless platformer, but it isn't silent by any means. The world is full of sounds that players must use to communicate, connect with nature, identify who is friendly and who isn't, and interpret the game's narrative as they go.

Players assume the role of Fe, a small cub who lives in a dark Nordic forest. The forest is under threat from the Silent Ones, machines that have captured the plants and animals who lived in the forest alongside him. Through open exploration of the forest by climbing, gliding and digging, Fe must uncover its secrets and complete side quests to save all of the mystical creatures from harm.

You'll be able to explore the world of Fe for yourself when the game arrives early next year.

We've got the full list of Fe achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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