Potentially Final Achievement Reminder for Project CARS' Community Ambassador

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
Project CARS is coming to an end. Four months ago, we got some bad news: community events would be ending in 2017 which would invalidate one of the game's 45 achievements:

Project CARSCommunity AmbassadorThe Community Ambassador achievement in Project CARS worth 129 pointsParticipate in 20 Driver Network Community Events

The achievement requires completion of 20 events. These events typically came only a few at a time and some players questioned whether there would even be time to complete them all if they started fresh. Well, this may be a last hoo-rah but this is at least an opportunity for anyone who got the game to unlock the achievement. As of today, 28 new community events have been added to the calendar and will go live over the course of the next few weeks.

Project Cars

It's not clear the exact time these will go live or if there will be further events in the future, but this is enough to get the achievement. It might be best to get it as soon as possible.
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