Corrupted Arena Adventure Arrives for SMITE Console

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Gamescom week is still going strong. Every day we're seeing announcements, reveals, teasers, trailers, screenshots and more from this year's hottest titles. Other games, however, are just trying to bring you their regularly-scheduled content in the midst of all the chaos. Today SMITE's "Corrupted Arena," or Patch 4.15, will be going live for consoles.

The biggest draw of the patch is the continuation of the Adventure series. As gamers know, these limited-time game modes bring a different way to enjoy SMITE. We've seen Capture the Flag, an arcade racer and an RPG. Patch 4.15 shares its name with the Corrupted Arena mode, a deviation from the usual Arena style. While gamers will still be tasked with last hitting minions and killing other gods to deplete the other team's points, an angry, full dragon-form Kukulkan towers over the Arena, opening up deadly pits around the map and raining rocks and debris from the sky that serve as additional obstacles.

Corrupted Arena offers free rewards for all players, regardless of whether they bought the accompanying cosmetic bundle. By playing the mode, win or lose, you'll earn shards. Shards can be redeemed at the Adventures store to purchase three different treasure chests. Each chest has a variety of different rewards and some of them are actually good, including items from past Odyssey events. After earning all 24 items (if you already own some of the items, they already count toward your total), players are rewarded with an Awesome Chest roll, which guarantees an exclusive god skin.

Tormented Treasure (750 Shards)

  • Covetous Fafnir Skin
  • Ganpati Ganesha Skin
  • Supernova Sol Skin
  • Fwuffy Manticore Ward Skin
  • Wind Dancer Ward Skin
  • Anubis Clap Emote
  • 300 Favor
  • 100 Fantasy Points
Possessed Treasure (1500 Shards)

  • Shining Heaven Amaterasu Skin
  • Storm Raven Jing Wei Skin
  • Valkyrie Freya Skin
  • Chaac Announcer Pack
  • Sol Announcer Pack
  • Loki Wave
  • 600 Favor
  • 200 Fantasy Points
Corrupted Treasure (2500 Shards)

  • Prototype Scylla Skin
  • Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr Skin
  • Rock-A-Bellona Bellona Skin
  • Chavalier Chiron Skin
  • Dragon King Ao Kuang Skin
  • Kuzenbo Dance Emote
  • 1000 Favor
  • 300 Fantasy Points
Once all 24 items have been redeemed, an Awesome Chest roll is awarded.
All of the above can be earned for free, though it will be more of grind than for those who buy the bundle. Buying the Corrupted Arena Adventure Bundles awards double shards throughout the event in addition to the other usual goodies Adventure Bundles provide. This time around, it includes a Limited Kukulkan Dragon's Rage skin, the Corrupted Ward Skin, the Corrupted Music Theme, the Corrupted Avatar, a Gold Key to unlock one of the other limited skins and an immediate 2,500 shards in addition to earning double shards from all future Corrupted Arena matches.

As always, there are plenty of new skins to collect. Sun-Kissed Amaterasu and Fabulous Chiron are part of the Summer of SMITE event for 400 gems each, Moonlit Ranger Artemis is in the Moonlight Chest at 200 gems per roll, Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey Sun Wukong is in the Gentleman's Chest at 400 gems per roll, Dragonkin Skadi has been added to the Gold Vault and can be unlocked with a Gold Key, Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan is included with the Adventure Bundle, Noble Esports Zeus is in the Noble Bundle that comes with 300 Fantasy Points and a Noble Ward Skin for 400 gems and Sun Wukong has had his mastery skins and card art updated.

Due to the size of the Adventure, the patch is low on balance. Hunters saw the most changes in their item trees, with Ichaival being nerfed but almost every other Hunter item being buffed in turn. Expect to see the return of Devourer's Gauntlet as well as some critical strike items being viable once more. Stone of Gaia has had its passive changed, as its other passive wasn't balanced since it made certain characters like Ares irrelevant. Gladiator's Shield, a powerful bridge Warrior item, has also been nerfed and Heartseeker has been buffed.

Lastly, the console versions are receiving some cool new features with the patch. A stats module has been added to the HUD, so you can see how much movement speed or magical power you have with a quick glance. Console is also finally getting the God History page, which shows you stats of your individual performances with each god. If you've ever wondered your win percentage in Siege with your favorite god, or even how many minions you've killed total with them, wonder no more as all sorts of stats will become available.

The patch will be going live today, August 23rd, for both Xbox One and PS4.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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