Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend and Operation Blood Orchid Details

By Rebecca Smith,
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege recently celebrated a large milestone with 20 million registered players. To celebrate that fact and to try and increase the tally even more, Ubisoft is holding a free weekend for the game starting tomorrow, August 24th, and running until August 27th. All progress that players make during the weekend will be transferred across to the full game if they decide to purchase it at a later date. In a hope to make that decision easier, the game will receive a 50% discount from August 24th until September 4th.

As well as the free weekend, Ubisoft is promising a full reveal of the upcoming "Operation Blood Orchid" DLC. Even if you're not around on August 26th at 9:15am Pacific time to watch the Twitch stream, we have plenty of details for you now. There will be three new operators, each with a new gadget, and a new map.

The new map is called Theme Park. Unsurprisingly, it is set within a disused and decaying Hong Kong amusement park. It was once a happy place with smiling tiger and monkey mascots to welcome visitors, colourful teacup rides, a range of arcade games, concession stands and a spacious hall for visitors to congregate. The scariest section was the haunted house where gargoyles and mummies waited to surprise visitors. Now it's a scene of conflict.

The first of the three operators is the only attacker of the trio. Yin, a member of the Hong Kong CTU, comes equipped with a shotgun, LMG and three Candela devices. When thrown, these small spheres shoot flash charges into the air. The candelas can also be cooked and three lights represent the length of time that the candela will roll along the ground before it fires — the more lights that are lit, the longer the candela will roll. They can be rolled through drone holes or under barricades. There's also the option to "Fuze" the device to a breachable surface so that it flashes the room that's on the other side of the barrier. If the device is cooked while fuzed, you can increase the length of the delay timer to allow you and your team to get into position. Just in case you time it poorly or the device is destroyed, Ying wears special glasses that make her immune to her own flashes.

Operation Blood Orchid

Lesion is the second operator to come with "Operation Blood Orchid" and he's also a member of the Hong Kong CTU. As a defender, he comes with a silenced shotgun and throwable cloaked Gu mines that are invisible to everyone but himself. Not to be confused with the range of moreish puddings, any unlucky opponent to stand on a Gu mine is stuck with a poison needle that causes visual distortion and does damage over time as long as the needle remains attached. Opponents can remove the needle but this means that they lower their weapon and leave themselves vulnerable. A maximum of seven mines can be deployed but Lesion doesn't start with this number. More are acquired throughout the match as an on-screen countdown timer shows how long it will be until another is available.

Operation Blood Orchid

The final new operator in the DLC is Ela, another defender who is the first member of the Polish CTU, GROM, to enter the game. Alongside her SMG, shotgun, or pistol with an integrated dot sight, she comes equipped with Grzmot mines. These proximity concussion mines can be thrown or stuck to walls, ceilings or floors. They won't do any damage but they will disrupt the enemy's hearing and shake up their vision. To make up for the lack of damage, Ela can move quickly to close distances towards any of her mines that have been detonated. Finally, if she is downed, Ela can detonate a concussion charge that she carries on her person to give her team mates a better chance to kill the enemies and revive her.

You can see all three operators in action in the trailer below:

"Operation Blood Orchid" is due to be released on September 5th. As usual, all three of the operators will be free for Season Pass holders on the day of release. Those who don't have the Season Pass will be able to purchase the operators using in-game currency from September 12th.

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