Season Six Update and Mei's Animated Short for Overwatch: Origins Edition

By Will Cruz, 11 months ago
Blizzard Entertainment is very hands on with their popular first-person shooter Overwatch: Origins Edition. Game director Jeff Kaplan has been releasing developer update videos since its initial release last year. In this update, Jeff reveals details regarding some of the changes coming to season six of competitive play later this month. With the duration of previous seasons being too short and too long, Blizzard attempts to find some middle ground.

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Check out the full developer update and timetable below for answers to specific questions.

0:32 - Seasons will now be two months long vs. three months
1:50 - Competitive Points are also being adjusted to account for the shorter season
2:28 - Skill Rating decay changes are coming and will be less punitive
3:35 - Control maps will now be best of three vs. best of five
5:06 - Placement matches should now lead to more accurate skill ratings
6:31 - Higher tiered matches should now be more balanced, but queue times might be longer
8:14 - We'll always be working to improve Competitive Play, it's an ongoing process
9:01 - Your feedback is incredibly important and we look forward to hearing what you think
If developer updates regarding competitive play doesn't appeal to you, how about an all new animated short instead? In “Rise and Shine”, we learn about defense hero Mei and how she wakes up after being cryogenically frozen. She quickly finds out that Overwatch is no more and she’s the only surviving scientist at Ecopoint: Antarctica. Check out the full video below.

Overwatch is available now.

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